How to up your defense in FC24

Defense is extremely important in FC24 and it often means the difference between keeping your ranks and earning big rewards in the game. Many players get held up on attacking and making sure they can put many shots on net with skilled players but they neglect defending. The best players are calculated and know how to use skill moves on both sides of the pitch.

If you’re looking to climb the ranks fast and maintain your ranks for good rewards an FC 24 boosting service is a good place to start. If you want to use a boosting service and then keep your top rewards, you need to consider learning to defend. Here are some of the best tips for defence in 2024 with FC24.

Use the Jockey Button

The Jockey Button is one of the most important tools you have when defending in FC 24. By using this button, your defender will position themselves better towards the attacker, making it easier for you to intercept the ball. It is crucial to keep some distance between your defender and the attacker and wait for the right moment to strike. Pressing the Jockey Button (L2 or LB) along with Sprint Button (R2 or RB) can help you defend against fast-wingers. However, be careful not to overuse the Jockey Button, as it can make your player less agile.

Minimize the Use of the Tackle Button

The tackle button is not always necessary when defending in FC 24. Instead, you can use the Jockey Button to snatch the ball from your opponent when you’re close to them. Overusing the tackle button can lead to fouls that can be dangerous for your team. Use the tackle button only when necessary, just like in real football.

Slides are the Last Option

Sliding is the last resort when intercepting the ball or defending against an attack. Sliding is a risky move, and if not executed correctly, the opponent can quickly go past you, leaving your defense vulnerable to attack.

Second Man Press

The Second Man Press is an excellent way to put extra pressure on the opposing team. By pressing R1 on the PlayStation or RT on the Xbox, a green arrow will appear above your player, automatically applying extra pressure to the attacker. However, be careful not to use this all the time, as it can quickly put your players out of position, creating many dangerous spaces behind the defense.

Player Switching

Mastering player switching is crucial in FC 24. You have three options to switch players, the most popular being the L1 or LT button. In your settings, you can choose to switch to the player closest to the ball or another player nearby. However, it is advisable to master the player switching with the right joystick to select the right player. This ensures less stress and unnecessary switching to other players, saving valuable time.

Shielding Passes in FC 24

Shielding the passing directions and running lines of the players is essential in defending against potentially fatal passes. In FC 24, through balls are very dangerous. These are long balls that one tries to pass over the defensive line. You can defend against them by switching to the right defender and following the attacker who makes a dangerous run and tries to get behind the defense.

In conclusion, improving your defense in FC 24 takes time and practice. Check now to find more info on boosting services. By using the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can strengthen your defense and climb the ranks faster. Remember, defense wins games, and by improving your defense, you can win more games and receive better rewards.

How to up your defense in FC24

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