About us


About us

Bruno DiCarlo has infused his love of culture and food from
around the world into his very own restaurant. Growing up Brazilian and
Italian, and having a father as a chef has had a strong influence on his taste
buds for the  finer cuisines of the world. Bruno lived in Brazil for some
of his schooling, and also traveled throughout Europe, settling for a time in
Italy. Bruno’s journey into the restaurant business began as he started waiting
tables and excelled when his dedication was recognized and he was promoted to a
management position. He has brought extraordinary service to each establishment
he has worked at. His knowledge of the menu and hospitable approach with
customers, has people always coming back for more. Finally, his lifelong dream
of owning an Italian restaurant has become a reality. At la bodega  Of
Plainview  Bruno  has brought his appreciation of fresh ingredients and
rich flavors to offer us an authentic Italian experience of food, love and

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